DIY tree bark earring cards tutorial

We have tons of cute earrings, but we had no cute way of holding them together. People just had to grab the two that matched and carry them to the desk where we do payment. We then had to wrap them in tissue paper and hope one didn't fall out somewhere. It was kinda awkward.

We needed earring cards. But not lame paper ones...we needed something unique! So we created our own. Oh, I love bark. And using nature in random and new ways!

Therefore, I present to you: A tutorial on how to make your own earring cards from tree bark! It's super simple. Josiah made me more than  30 "holders" in under 30 minutes. I'm all about simplicity and this is pretty simple. Also what's amazing about these? Completely free! Just get some bark from outside.

Ok, ok, enough talking. Er, typing. Here you go:


Step 1: Find a log that has bark you can strip off. We got lucky and found some in a friend's back yard from a tree that died. Ours was cherry wood.

Step 2: Peel off the bark as best as you can - you might get some weird pieces but it's ok. You only need one inch in the end. You might wanna do this outside - it can get messy!

Step 3: Fold the bark (or cut it) with the grain of the wood into one inch wide strips. You can change the width if you want bigger pieces.

Step 4: Using an exacto/utility knife, score the wood at the one(ish) inch mark. Keep scoring it until it either cuts off or you're able to break it along the score line. The bark won't necessarily break evenly, as you can see in the photos, but that's kind of the beauty of these! They are all unique and handmade :)

Step 5: Using a drill or a dremel with a 1/16'' drill bit, drill two holes in the bark. Drill through starting on the darker side so it will splinter on the other more boring side. You can play around with the distances between the holes for bigger or smaller earrings.

Step 6: Examine your work! And then put in your earrings! You can cut off any excess bark with the knife again if you find there's too much.

And there you have it! You will have the cutest earring cards around. Unless everyone you know also saw this tutorial. Sorry, can't help ya there :)