DIY powdered sugar shaker

I know, I know. We probably have too many projects that use mason jars. But they are so stinkin' cool... and cute! And practical!

Our latest project: A DIY powdered sugar shaker. Next time you need a light dusting of powdered sugar, pull out this guy!

DIY powdered sugar shaker - The Burlap Bag

DIY powdered sugar shaker - The Burlap Bag

And of course, it was super duper easy to make! Otherwise I wouldn't get near it with a ten foot pole.

You'll need:
-A mason jar + lid (or you can use:  jam jar, pickle jar, peanut butter jar, whatever you want jar.)
-Small nail (or big nail. Your holes will just be bigger... thus more powdered sugar coming out faster)
-Hammer (or some sort of banging thing)
-Powdered sugar! (or whatever else you want! Cinnamon sugar would be awesome. Salt even)

OR (I'm really into OR's apparently today. Also, parentheses) you could skip all that and just use foil & a rubber band and poke holes in it with a fork or knife. That WOULD be easier and you wouldn't have to ruin any lids.


There's Josiah banging the nail into the mason jar lid. Ours had this little design on the lid. We put holes into every little flower design thing. I like structure and even spacing. Sue me. Put yours everywhere like a crazy person.

We just did 10 holes and that let the right amount of powdered sugar out for us. But start with just a couple and see how you like it. Your nails might be thicker so you might just need 5 holes. Or maybe you're obsessed with powdered sugar and need tons of holes.

Thank you for reading. Now go back to pinterest and find some awesome recipes that need a dusting of powdered sugar! (I just made funny-looking-but-so-yummy french toast... as you can see in the first photo)