easy homemade brown sugar

Did you know: You can make homemade brown sugar. In case you're ever out. In case you want fresh awesome brown sugar. In case you like making homemade things. In case you like easy easy projects. In case you prefer to save some money!! (who doesn't!)

Well then if you have had any of those "in case"-es happen ever in your life... here's the easiest tutorial ever.


That picture describes it all. You need:

1 cup of sugar
1 tablespoon of molasses (mine was a heaping tablespoon! If you want dark brown sugar, put in 1.5ish tablespoons.)

And just mix them together! You can just use a fork. It'll look scary in the beginning and you'll think that it will never come out right. BUT IT WILL! Just keep mixin. I actually used my kitchen aid mixer and then a fork to get out super small chunks.


 And then you'll have fluffy and fresh brown sugar!

I even did the math - a 2 lb bag of brown sugar costs $1.83
and 2 lbs of white sugar + 2 tbsp of molasses costs $1.32
that's 50 whole cents I'm saving. woohoo. That money can go towards that helicopter you've been eyeing.


Keep it in a sealed container ... or just make when you need it for a recipe!

This tip was given to us by a kind blog reader, Ming! Many thanks, Ming! It. is. so. awesome. Kinda bummed I didn't know about it before now! Well, now I know, and now all of you do too!

(p.s. a bonus photo for those of you who stuck around this long. just a note:

do not pour molasses into a tablespoon and try to take pictures of it all by yourself while josiah is eating cereal and not able to help. you will have molasses EVERYWHERE.

the end.)